A tailored suit forms a real gentleman. We will take care of demanding customers who will get a perfectly fitting suit from 100% wool or a combination of wool with silk and other mixtures. Apart from materials, you can choose from various cuts (classic, slim fit, ultra slim, etc.), from single-breasted or double-breasted suits with different types of pockets, you can also pick details such as lapels, a hem or buttons.

Tailored suits are a perfect choice for those whose figure does not have a standard size and their style needs to be representative, but unfortunately they did not find a fitting suit in a department of ready-to-wear clothes.

A tailored suit in three weeks

We can deliver a tailored suit in three weeks (with a fitting in four weeks). Fittings are held in our shops (Prague, Ostrava, České Budějovice, Prostějov) or in a particular place arranged in advance – the way would be up to your decision. We will recommend you suitable material and together we will choose the cut and other details such as the type of a lapel, pocket shape, amount of vents, or the colour of a lining. The last detail is the embroidery of your initials.

How much does a tailored suit cost?

The final price for a tailored suit is from 9,000 CZK. The tailored shirt price is from 1,190 CZK. Our prices are comparable with common ready-to-wear clothes, but you will get an original Czech product with a higher manufacture quality and better materials, and also individual approach and counselling.